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Shell & Tube Coolers


Serck Services has the capabilities to custom design (using HTRI and Microprotol and manufacture high quality heat exchangers of varying capacities and designs using carbon steel, super duplex and titanium. Clad tube sheets are becoming a common requirement in the oil & gas industry and many of our heat exchangers are now being delivered with Stainless Steel and Monel cladding.

Production scheduling is crucial to fast-track on-time deliveries, and our client base includes leading power, petrochemical and heavy industrials that regularly rely on our ability to meet their stringent quality requirements.


Serck Services design and manufacture complete range of shell & tube heat exchangers for Marine, Power Generation, Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industries. We stock wide range ferrous non-ferrous tubes from ¼” to 1”.  If the clients need to manufacture heat exchanger as per sample, we send our engineering team on board or on site to take manufacturing drawing and manufacture as per sample within a short period. 


We have in-house, specialized equipment, including a cutting edge tube puller that allow us to re-tube shell & tube exchangers with minimal invasion to existing tube sheets and materials.  This combined with our years of experience make us the perfect vender to tackle any of your re-tube needs.

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