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Our People

Practicing the Unipart Way within the Serck Group, the key to our success is our brilliant people.

They are responsible for the incredible growth that we’ve achieved over the last few years, including in:

  • The services we provide
  • The manufacturers we work with
  • The portfolio of products we service
  • The number of people who work throughout our organization

We empower our brilliant people to realize their true potential.

We’re committed to  Employee Engagement. It’s an ethos that motivates our people to deliver outstanding customer service at every level within the business. Hard work and talent is always recognized, nurtured and rewarded.
We asked our people what it was that made them brilliant. We asked our customers the same.
The answers have helped us develop a set of values that describe the essence of our business, the way we work and the culture we’ve created. These help us recruit, review and recognise our people:

Certificates & Policies

Environmental Policy Statement: Serck Group will design, manufacture, refurbish, clean, decommission and install heat exchangers in an environmentally responsible manner. We will, after careful analysis, target our most significant aspects and wherever practicable implement actions that will reduce the environmental impacts. Responsibility for the environmental management system and environmental performance at Serck lies within the Director and General Manager and the Senior Management Team. Every employee also has responsibilities within the system, and commitment will be sought from all employees and other stakeholders.

Serck believes that the continued improvement of our environmental performance will produce benefits for our business, our employees, the local community, and all other stakeholders, and we will promote responsibly environmental management wherever we can using the tools and philosophies of the Unipart Way

Health and Safety

Health and Safety is of paramount importance to us. Utilizing the Unipart Way, we hold an active Health and Safety forum which involves employee representatives from across the business. Constantly striving to remove all health and safety risk from our business.

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