Heat Exchange


Senior Management Team


  • Mike Stringer

    Mike Stringer

    Chairman Serck Services Inc. and Managing Director Unipart International

    Tel: 303-295-1379 x 100

    With a wealth of experience in Heavy Duty and Automotive markets in North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa and along with a deep understanding of the Unipart Way, Mike provides the Group’s strategic vision and supports and coaches the Company to achieve its future goals.

  • Peter Young

    Peter Young

    Managing Director, Serck Services, Inc.

    Tel: 303-295-1379 x102

    Cell: 602-721-9452

    Peter has spent over 30 years with Serck Services across two continents, exemplifying our true commitment to customer service. His expertise encompasses the automotive, mining, trucking, off-highway and construction industries with specialization in the Heavy Duty and Industrial Heat Transfer & Technology market sectors.

  • Sean Chappell

    Sean Chappell

    Grand Mesa Branch Manager / Manufacturing Manager.

    Tel: 303-295-1379 x 400

    Cell: 303-550-3151

    Sean has been a valued member our team for several years. He has worked tirelessly as a Branch Manager in our Grand Mesa shop working with the local business, government and mining industries. He now oversees our manufacturing facility in Denver.

  • Tom “TK” Konecny

    General Manager, Serck Services Inc.

    Tel:  303-297-0355 x 300

    TK brings over 40 years of heat exchange experience from automotive, industrial, on/off-highway, mining, and oil & gas markets. Combined with the quality and innovation which is part of the Serck heritage, this provides an effective base to support our customers with their specialist radiators and bespoke heat exchange needs.

  • Deanna Swierk

    Accounting Manager, Serck Services Inc.

    Tel: 303-297-0355 x 104

    Deanna has worked for Serck Services for several years and understands our customers and vendors needs from the ground up. She has implemented new processes, procedures and upgrades to make everything run as smoothly as possible.

  • Carrie Campos

    Carrie Campos

    Distribution Manager

    Tel: 303-295-1379 x 103

    Cell: 970-232-6542

    Carrie is our Distribution Manager, working closely with Operations, Marketing and Finance to deliver all of our customers the best possible Customer Service possible.

  • Cath Whitmore

    Cath Whitmore

    Associate Executive, Serck Services, Inc. and Unipart International

    Cath brings in depth experience of Distribution and Manufacturing industries from the UK and international supply chains, working with the Serck businesses to broaden the foundations for growth and build on the talent and expertise within the businesses.

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